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Property Development Loan Calculator, Property Development Finance Calculator Calculate Loans and compare Property Development Finance & Loans.


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Property Development Loan Calculator, Property Development Finance Calculator Calculate Loans and compare Property Development Finance & Loans.

Property Development Loan Calculator, Calculators for Property Development if you are looking for a property development loan calculator then there are not really any that we know of, however it is easy to work out what your costs of a development loan are likely to be, one is the cost of the interest rates and there are other costs that need to be added to the loan, you don’t really need a Property Development Finance Calculator as it really is basic maths, the way interest is calculated on a loan is on a daily basis with the other costs of finance added to the overall loan.


So if we work on a nice round sum of say £400,000 being the loan amount required for the development, this will comprise as a portion to the land or site purchase and the balance will go towards your construction and auxiliary development costs such as surveyors, architects, CIL payments and any other professional costs that you incur as a result of the development of the site.


So if the Site purchase was £150,000 and the lender was advancing £100,000 towards the site purchase at say a 5% pa interest rate then on day one they would give you the £100,000 and you would be paying interest of 5% on this on daily basis so for this example we are assuming the loan is outstanding for one year and the remaining £250,000 will be drawdown in stages as you go through the construction which is how development finance works.


First loan amount £100,000 outstanding for one year gives a total interest amount payable of £5,000, you then drawdown say £20,000 per month for the next twelve months to complete the works, interest on this is only paid when the money is actually outstanding see the example below.


£100,000 x one year £5,000 interest payable.


Month 1 £20,000 loan this will be outstanding for 11 months so £20,000 x 5% for 11 months will be a total of £916.00 payable.


Month 2 £20,000 loan this will be outstanding for 10 months so £833.00 payable for the year


This would carry on for the rest of the drawdowns so for the last £20,000 which is only outstanding for 1 month the interest would be £83.00 with the others accumulating behind for the period they were outstanding.


1st UK Finance specialises in providing development loans are have completed many loans over the last 20 years if you need help in calculating your costs we are more than happy to help you and provide you with costings of what your total costs are going to be, give us a call on 0800 138 6001 anytime of the day or night including Saturday and Sunday or use our chat contact or web form to arrange a call back to discuss your requirements.


Property Development Loans are not FCA regulated unless you intend to live in the property.

Development Finance
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