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Property development finance & Property Development Loans

Development Finance is a financial package used for developing a residential or commercial property for experienced developers whether that be for a renovation, development or a full refurbishment. We offer an expert brokerage for property development loans, working with the best available lenders in the UK.


We have a proven track record with both developers and commercial finance lenders alike and can offer the best possible deals that can’t be found elsewhere, thanks to our reputation and knowledge within the industry. We also understand that development is a finance sector which requires a lot of attention to detail in order to get loans approved, due to our extensive knowledge of the property development financial services sector we are able to provide expert advice at every stage of your application.


Sourcing property development finance is one of the most important stages with any property development project, and the choice of who you work with can mean substantial savings on your finance charges, which in turn reflects straight into your profit margin.


All of the lenders we work with are very reputable and many offer funding solutions according to the project requirement. This allows us to provide specialist development loans to our clients which cannot be found with other brokers. The service we offer is speedy and flexible, with loans available from £100k plus extending up to an upper limit of about £5m.


Whatever the amount you require we promise you will receive our full support with your application.


Funds can be made available to the developer very quickly, if you are using bridging finance alternately a full development loan can take anything from 6-10 weeks to drawdown.


We pride ourselves on our ability to complete on loans on time and release funds as fast as possible without any unnecessary hassle to yourself. We truly understand the entire process and have gained our expertise through extensive experience in many cases, large or small throughout the UK and with loans that have completed from as little as £50k up to £5m.


We can provide you with a decision in principle for your project within the hour, we just need a quick chat to clarify your requirements and you can sit back and leave us to get you quotes. So if your project is urgent, don’t hesitate to email us or give us a ring.



We can provide finance for a wide range of scenarios, including but not necessarily limited to:


Renovation work to existing houses, flats or apartments

Property Development Finance can be taken out for renovation/refurbishment of residential or commercial properties, including houses, flats, mixed commercial residential.

New build projects, residential or commercial

They can also be taken out on new build properties, residential or commercial, with full planning permission and a suitable security in place.

Property conversion finance

As well as the usual renovation cases, properties undergoing a conversion are also suitable for property development finance, this is where an existing property is being converted into multiple units.

For a Development project not yet finished

Property Development Loans can still be taken out on projects that are not yet finished and require more funds to continue. Generally, lenders are looking to fund projects from experienced developers as they are taking a risk when releasing funds on a project not yet complete.

Refurbishment Finance

Property development finance is also suitable for refurbishment projects on both houses and apartments, this would be considered light refurbishment and these tend to be short term loans.

Other situations for property development finance

If you are unsure whether property development finance would be suitable for your project, don’t hesitate to contact us to ask and see whether we can accommodate your requirement.


Due to our extensive property development experience, we have the knowledge and know how to be able to provide you with the best development loan that will fit your requirements from day one.



How fast can I get a decision on my development project?

First, we will contact you to discuss your project, once we have an overview and all the necessary figures that relate to your project a decision in principle can usually be provided to you within as little as one hour.

What timeframe can funds be released to me in?

Usually, once all the documentation is ready the funds are released within 24 hours of your loans completion, you would then just drawdown funds as and when you have completed certain pre-agreed stages of the construction by the quantity surveyor

What percentage of costs can be borrowed?

It is possible to borrow up to 100% of the purchase price with a profit share or additional security being offered, it would, however, be usual to borrow up to 90% of costs, remember the higher the percentage the higher the interest rate you will be paying on your loan.

How much money can be borrowed?

A typical property development loan would be anything from £100,000 and up to £5,000,000, obviously smaller amounts are available for light refurbishment projects and these would tend to be bridging loans that are used for their funding.

Can a property development loan be taken out on land that doesn’t yet have planning any permission?

If you are looking to buy land without planning permission, then development finance is not available at this stage what you would need to do is take out a bridging loan to purchase the site at the current land value, whilst you make an application for planning permission. Once you have gained your planning approval you could then approach a lender to pay off the bridging loan and put in place a development loan that takes into account the increased land value and also includes funds for you to complete the development. Alternately you could always sell off the land with planning permission and then pay off the bridging loans.

What is the average term length of a development loan?

The typical time period for a development loan is anything between 6-18 months although virtually all new build loans are for a period of 12 months with an extension possible of up to six months to allow for sales to be completed. The funds from sales are all used to pay off the original loan, only when this has been completely paid off will a lender allow the developer to take their profit. In most cases the longer the term the higher the costs are likely to be so it helps profits if you stick with 12 months. With smaller refurbishment loans the term is usually 6-9 months.

What costs are typically involved with property development finance loans?

A fixed interest rate is agreed with the lender and is charged for the days the loan is outstanding some lenders will round up to the month so it pays to check this out beforehand.


A Surveyors fee will be due, the surveyor is the person who comes to value the site or property for the lender. It is they who will determine the value of the property/site and gross development value also the viability of the scheme you are intending to develop.


A Solicitor's fee for both you and the lender, this is for doing all of the paperwork and checking the title and if there are any restrictive covenants on the site/property.


An Arrangement fee, for the lender, this would be 1-2% of the loan value and is towards the lender's associated costs for providing you with the loan.


We always keep our clients informed of what fees will be payable and at what stage of the loan application they become due.

What types of property is it possible to lend on?

There are a large variety of land and properties that are suitable security for lenders, these range from residential which includes things like houses, and apartments as well as commercial properties such as shops hotels, and many more types. As long as the property or land is viable from a profit and sale point of view it will usually be suitable, security for a development loan. Each case is viewed on its merits by our expert team so any enquiries on whether property development finance will be possible can be answered promptly.

How much is previous development experience required to take out property development finance?

In the majority of scenarios, lenders are looking for experienced developers with a portfolio of successful property developments. This is because the lender is generally taking a risk on the development project and wants to ensure that the project will complete. However, we also have lenders who will fund first-time developers providing the project stacks up and they can demonstrate that they can complete the development within budget and on time.

How long have you been a broker for?

We have been in the development finance market for over 20 years and in that time we have worked on an extensive range of successful projects with many experience developers and also first-time developers assisting with their first project to ensure they get the funding they require.

Where in the UK do you operate?

Our lenders are able to offer development finance almost anywhere in the UK, our extensive list of lenders ensures that we are able to fund projects on their merit, not location. Whether that be England, Scotland or Wales.


Can I borrow for property development finance even if I have a poor credit history?


Yes, lenders tend to look at the project as much as the lender property development can be a risky business and it is not unusual for developers to have some adverse credit in the past.

Can property development finance be offered to limited companies?

We offer finance to both individuals and or limited companies and also partnerships, most developers actually set up a new ltd company for each project and then dissolve it once the scheme has been completed.


Property development loans are not FCA regulated and so not covered by the financial conduct authority

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