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Barclays Bridging Loans, Interest rates, Arrangement fees plus a Barclays Bridging Loan Calculator.

Barclays Bridging Loans

Barclays Bridging Loans, Barclays bank is one of the big four high street banks it is one of the oldest banks in the UK which can trace its origins back to the late 1690’s in London, Barclays bank was one of the few banks in that UK that did not need a bailout after the financial problems in 2008, though controversial arrangement it only managed to pull through due to a loan arranged in the middle east this enabled it to carry on without government intervention, as a bank they offer many financial products to their customers much as all the other main banks these include mortgages, personal loans, secured loans such as bridging loans secured against a property, they do not provide a Bridging Loan Calculator as far as we know, they also offer car finance, business asset loans, property development finance and most other types of finance that are offered by retail banks.


Barclays also has an investment bank and subsidiaries around the world and as such is considered a worldwide retail bank.


A Bridging Loan from Barclays would be secured against a property that you own or intend to purchase with a bridging loan, what you will find is that lenders will usually only offer this type of finance to their existing clients and even then they are not keen to offer bridging loans as they are seen as risky lending as such only in exceptional circumstance would they consider a loan.


However this is not a problem as even if you cannot get a bridging loan from Barclays their are at least eighty other lenders who are all keen to offer this type of funding, with so many lenders active in the market it pays to make sure you have access to all lenders who would offer a bridging loan that fits your requirements.


A Barclays  Bridging Loan Could be used for:

  • To access the equity in a property that you own
  • Make an Auction purchase within 28 days of purchase
  • enable you to complete in a broken chain

Your Bridging finance can be used for anything that is legal



  • No Maximum loan amount but a £25,000 minimum

  • Repay when you want before the loan term


With over 20 years experience you can be assured of the very best help and advice from our team.


1st UK Finance Specialise in sourcing bridging loans so get in touch and we will compare the whole market for you to get you the very best terms for your bridging loan.



Note some Bridging Loans are Authorised and  FCA regulated.

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Barclays Bridging Loans, and a Barclays Bank Bridging Loan Calculator for bridging loans and finance.

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