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RBS Bridging Loans, and an RBS Bridging Loan Calculator, RBS & Royal Bank Of Scotland Bridging Finance.

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RBS Bridging Loan Calculator, compare RBS Bridging Loans Now and over 100 other bridging lenders.


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RBS Bridging Loans, See what interest rates and fees are payable also an RBS Bridging Loan Calculator.


RBS Bridging Loans

Rbs Bridging Loans, rbs is also known as the  royal bank of scotland ir is a group of british banks that were put together under the now disgraced Fred Goodwin including natwest and a collection of banks that were taken over in a disastrous attempt to build the biggest bank in the world it was clear that this would at some point fall apart and when the financial credit crunch came about in 2007/8 it all came tumbling down, the government had to step in with a multi billion pound loan to support the group at this point the UK government took a stake in the bank for the billions of taxpayers cash it had injected to keep the bank afloat, as of 2018 the government/British taxpayer still own a significant stake in the banking group, If you are looking for a RBS Bridging Loan it may or may not be available to you, bridging loans are seen as a risky form for lenders and most high street banks would only as a last resort offer this type of finance, if they were to offer to fund it is usually only to existing clients that have a bank account and or RBS mortgage if you do not then it would be highly unlikely that a bridging loan could be obtained from them, an RBS Bridging Loan Calculator is not available however we can calculate your loan details for you.


You do not have to rely on an RBS Royal Bank of Scotland Bridging loan as there are many more lenders who offer this type of finance at often better interest rates and terms we work with over one hundred bridging loan lenders who offer loans in all parts of the UK


1st UK finance work closely with these lenders  to offer our clients some of the best interest rates and deals available anywhere, we can  also get a higher loan to value than what high street lenders will offer these are usually only up to 60% of the loan to value, we have lenders who can go as high as 100% loan to value.


What you can do with an RBS Bridging Loan


  • Use it as a loan to release capital in a property that you own
  • Buy at Auction before you refinance with a mortgage or sell the property
  • Buy before you sell or as a means of dealing with a broken property chain


Criteria for a Bridging Loan


  • You can get a loan from £20,000 up to £5m
  • A Bridging Loan for up to 24 months
  • Payback anytime within the loan period agreed


With over 20 years experience you can be assured of the very best help and advice from our team.

1st UK Finance Specialise in sourcing bridging loans so get in touch and we will compare the whole market for you to get you the very best terms for your bridging loan Quote. Call us 24/7 or use our online contact form today.


Note some Bridging Loans are Authorised and  FCA regulated.

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